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Auto Mechanics for ADAS Camera Calibration in Prince George

Installing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to enhance or automate your car's present safety features is an intelligent decision. ADAS camera calibration involves the alignment of the car’s sensor’s to give you an accurate reading of your surroundings. This built-in technology is designed to automate, adapt or enhance your vehicle’s current safety systems. The calibration involves aligning the sensing devices in your car so that they function properly. A dynamic calibration process will require the technician to take your car out for a drive. We also undertake static calibration, a process that uses specialized tools to calibrate the ADAS while your car is stationary. To know more or to get ADAS camera calibration for your vehicle, give us a call now.


More about ADAS System Installation

To properly calibrate ADAS systems in your car or truck, your windshield must be intact as it is an integral part of many ADAS technologies. If you have recently replaced your vehicle's windshield, it is advisable that you get the front camera of your car recalibrated. The auto mechanics at Glass Express are equipped to recalibrate your vehicle’s driver-assist system. 

ADAS calibration is important so that your vehicle functions properly through maintenance. We can recalibrate your vehicle’s driver assistance systems after replacing your windshield.

Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety

We ensure correct ADAS calibration is carried out so that the camera has the right view and there is complete safety.

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